About Us

The Crypto & Digital asset space has been growing consistently over the last 5-6 years and has skyrocketed during the recent global pandemic. Regardless of this exponential growth, the “Access” gap in this industry continues to widen.

Our mission is to close this gap. At Catenam, we have assembled a team with over 20 years of combined crypto experience and developed a niche strategy that focuses on finding a profitable way of investing in this large ecosystem to generate above-average returns.

Catenam Capital is a global investment fund that focuses on investing in Digital Crypto Assets & Companies, both foreign and domestic.

  1. Actively Managed Portfolio: We use various trading strategies to actively manage and invest in digital assets with a balanced technical and fundamental analysis mix.
  2. Direct Investing: The fund will invest directly in companies across the Crypto & Web3.0 ecosystem.
  3. Fund to Fund Investments: We will directly invest into other investment funds with a reputable track record and strategy investing in web3.0 & crypto.